Saturday, April 11, 2009

My looms sit at the 'entrance' to my sewing room. (Okay its only an open basement that I have designated areas by the arrangement of furntiure). As I have been crazy busy sewing costumes I have spent a lot of time there. My sad little looms wait patiently for me and I feel guilty.

I would love to post pics of the costumes but can't because of the show. I had fun on Thursday night. I took a Value Village find of a grey dress redesigned it and it became a jacket and a skort. What fun to lay it out on my cutting table, slap a coffee can lid down as a curve template, a few quick measures with the ruler and free hand cutting. weeee!

This round of costumes should be done in hopefully a weeks time. I will call May my weaving renewal month. I must give a couple of hours to my house then off to Walmart and then my sewing room/space.

Hope eveyone has a happy weekend, whatever and however people celebrate.