Saturday, April 11, 2009

My looms sit at the 'entrance' to my sewing room. (Okay its only an open basement that I have designated areas by the arrangement of furntiure). As I have been crazy busy sewing costumes I have spent a lot of time there. My sad little looms wait patiently for me and I feel guilty.

I would love to post pics of the costumes but can't because of the show. I had fun on Thursday night. I took a Value Village find of a grey dress redesigned it and it became a jacket and a skort. What fun to lay it out on my cutting table, slap a coffee can lid down as a curve template, a few quick measures with the ruler and free hand cutting. weeee!

This round of costumes should be done in hopefully a weeks time. I will call May my weaving renewal month. I must give a couple of hours to my house then off to Walmart and then my sewing room/space.

Hope eveyone has a happy weekend, whatever and however people celebrate.

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  1. Chris,

    I don't know if you remember offering me a partial ball of some regia sock yarn that I was short of back in March. I just wanted to follow up to let you know that I think I'm all set. But thanks so much for your generous offer!!!

    Since you had about half a ball left, I felt like my scarf would still be short so I looked around at 3 of my local yarn shops and found something that should work with my yarn. Otherwise, I'd have been in touch about getting that yarn from you.

    Thanks again for your generosity! It's sort of shocking to me that it took me a month and a half to figure out what to do about my yarn shortage!!

    And don't said May would be weaving renewal month!! It's May now!!! (Always trying to keep people excited about weaving!)

    See you in the blogosphere!!