Monday, May 4, 2009

Costumes done, warping started

Boy was that ever a hot and heavy time. But costumes for a production always gets insane just before the show. The Sunday before the Friday opening I had to make over three outfits (redesign preexisting outfits) for a main character and finish some odds and ends. I also work fulltime. I have only been able to catch quick glances at the blogs as well. Actually I have been done for just over a week but needed to do nothing. I am in the process of creating a warp for some scarves. I started laying out the warp on the warping board one day when I had a bit of sewing downtime. I was feeling tired and marked off 100 ends and left it for a wee break, but didn't realise I was getting sick. Then I got really crazy sewing. So there it sits on the warping board. Is it okay to have it sit there???
I will try to chain it off tomorrow as I am off for a conference in Winnipeg and won't be home until the weekend. Sewing passion input here, while in Winipeg I am hoping to get to Mitchell's Fabrics. As I will be designing and co-ordinating costumes for VOS' Gypsy in the fall I owe it to myself to look and see what is there (I am taking a big siutcase & they do mail order). Keep weaving everyone. Your an incredibly talented bunch of folks and an inspiration to move forward in the journey.

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