Friday, June 5, 2009


It is finally cool enough to spend some time in the garden (don't get me wrong I love the heat but it's best for lazy activities). I had been thinking that my veggie garden is quite lame this year. My poly sheeting green house did not survive our wind and snow of this past winter and as I am paying for new front teeth for my son somehow my greenhouse is low priority. And I am thinking about a garden replan so it's location may change.
I ramble on back to my adventure in the garden. I went out to play and put a few seedling veggies into the beds. Weeds seem to have taken over my beds grrrrrr. But wait what am I seeing not weeds but many many self seeding tomato plants. how can this be then I remembered I topped my beds up with compost. Last season when I cleaned up the green house I discarded my tomato plants into the compost. There were some straggler tomatoes no longer edible and a few green. Although the soil looked great from the compost the seeds survived. I transplanted some to other areas. I have no idea what they will become or how many will survive.
Another happy dance occured when I saw new leaves on the little fig tree that I had started from a cutting. I thought the snow had killed it but it is starting new leaves near the bottom. And the hops are growing as well.
Things inside get put to the side in good weather.
Happy weaving , gardening, or whatever your current passion may be.


  1. I know how you feel about volunteer plants in the garden. I've got heritage tomatoes popping up all over the place. I decided that if they are in an OK place I'll let them stay. Should be very interesting once I find out what varities lived. I'm in the North Okanagan, so my garden is lush right now, I've even planted eggplants in the flower garden and flowers in the veggie garden - covering all the bases.

  2. Lynnette, I love the Okanagan. We spent many summers visiting my husband's grandparents in Vernon before they passed on. Grandma's garden was always spectacular.