Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is this piece fated or what?

The piece on the loom; the 'ultra frustrating warping' project on the loom, is it ill fated or what? I am happily weaving, enjoying the forming pattern and the colour play between warp and weft when I notice my right side is loosing it's edge. My floating selvege thread has snapped. So backwards weave until the edges hold. Grrr. I wrote a note where I was in pattern and what to fix and walked away.

On a happy note my family heard my request and bought me the stand for the kniiters loom. I want to explore some pick up weaving techniques with my rigid heddle and possibly double rigid heddle patterns while away on holidays this summer. I know the knitters loom is designed as a lap weaving loom, I find that everytime I need to rewind a bobbin or change colour it is awkward to shift it from my lap. Or maybe I am just a clutz.

I was outside watering my garden at 5:30 am this morning. What a beautiful time to be up. The birds were singing and a Great Blue Heron flew over. The grass was damp from the morning dew and felt glorious on my flip flopped feet. Yes my garden needs TLC and would never be right for tours or a magazine but gardening is not just about the finished project but about getting outside, planning, changing, nurturing, and learning. (okay I really am saying my yard's a mess but trying to be okay with that, not)

Have a great day every one.


  1. What a great family!!!! Unlike most families they must have actually been listening to you. Amazing.
    My garden needs more than TLC and it can just stay that way too. It's either the weeds or my back so the heck with the weeds.

  2. One of my friends has one of those frustrating warps right now too. I hope the rewards outweigh the challenges for both of you!!! It's always hard for me to keep making progress on a project that keeps being difficult. I hope you're better about that than I am!

    I agree with your approach to gardening. When ours gets really bad, we kind of choose an area to clean up that year....and just focus on that. This year I might have to do something about the part right outside our sunroom - since I'm sitting near it a lot - and I can see giant weeds from here!!! (But I'm good at ignoring them!!)


  3. I hate it when the floating selvedges break! So far on my latest scarf, the 2/8 tencel has frayed away 3 times on the right. I didn't watch how I put it on and loaded it Z twist so every beat made it unspin.