Monday, May 18, 2009

warping disaster morning

I have a splitting headache. I am wondering why I even like weaving and am very close to tossing this warp into the garbage. Knowing that every once in a while every weaver has a difficult warping session is the only reason I want to persevere with it. I will learn something from it. It is a VERY simple warp so why was it causing me so much grief? My own stupidity and thinking I know more than I really do. I usually warp front to back, I was trying to think this method through to make it more streamline and I sleyed the reed, and for some reason tied it on tho the back beam and wound it up before putting through the heddles. (don't mention a broken warp thread) It was at this stage I almost took it off the loom and threw it away. Dum I know, How to solve, tie on cloth beam and beam it all forward again. halfway through beaming forward The cloth beam falls off. The screw holding it on fell out. Okay I am now kneeling on the cement floor trying to line up clothbeam, ratchet and screw. Done except the ratchet handle pusher is on the wrong side. Undo screw and do it again. This takes me a total of 30 minutes to get the cloth beam reattached. Once I wound it all the way forward I cut it from the back beam to make tidy ends and tied them in groups behind reed and left it ready to thread heddles another time.

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