Friday, March 20, 2009

life will be what life is

Last night as I attended the weavers guild 75th anniversary tea/meeting my phone went off. It was my son's cell phone calling and as a mother I knew I needed to respond to it. It turns out it was a call from another student saying my son was in emergency having fallen at school and knocked his front tooth out. I had to abandon the ladies I had driven and go to emerg. I arrived just in time for them to stitch up his chin and bottom lip then wait and wait for an emergency dentist. The ER docs and nurses were great but getting frustrated with the lack of response from dentists. Sara-Anne, the student with amazing pluc just started calling Dentists in the phone book (mine doesn't do emergencies) and finally found an amazing dentist that was willing to get out of bed and see Marcus. She was able to put his front tooth back in. We will have see if there is any nerve damage and whether the tooth will hold. He will probably need to have both his front teeth capped eventually. Marcus is a performing arts student, like I said life will be what life is. I thank God the fall was not any worse, teeth can be repaired, I thank God for all the wonderful help he received, Sara-Anne (a calm head in a school were dramatics are the norm), the ER staff and the dentist and her husband (who acted as her assistant).
Thank you for letting me write about this.


  1. Hope there's a good outcome for your son and his teeth. So far it sounds promising....even though a trip to the ER and the dentist can be upsetting.

    That's great that your weaving guild has been around 75 years! I just did math. Ours is 71 years old. I didn't realize it had been around that long!

    Take care! Hope you're all feeling back to normal soon!


  2. It's really neat to see pictures of the guild in years past and see people then and now. Some amazing stuff has been produced by the guild members over the years.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Kids!! Thank goodness it was only a tooth and a cut lip. I sure do hope the tooth re-attaches itself (don't know for sure if I'm using the right terminology)

    75 years! That's great!!

  4. My son fell and broke his tooth as well at age 6. It all looks ( and sounds) far worse than it is really! Teeth can be fixed... think hockey players!

    75th anniversary...I'm thinking Victoria WSG. Are you attending the retreat? I'll be there...would be nice to meet you in person.


  5. Hi Susan,
    I won't be at retreat but am hoping to come for the day to visit the vendors.
    Marcus is doing fine. The dentist was able to put tempararies on to help with the speech. Caps will be later. We explained he is a performing arts student and is performing Shakespeare this weekend.The dentist has been fantastic.