Saturday, March 28, 2009

This past week we spent two nights away recharging our batteries at Yellowpoint. I took my Knitters Loom and worked Saori style on some bathroom fingertip towels. It drew a lot of interest and discussion. One women even tried weaving and next thing I heard was her telling her husband that she thought it would be a great thing to take on the boat. A new weaver perhaps?
I came home and warped Maggie, the vertical loom. I had felt a little daunted by her size but she warped very easily and was great on the back as the reed and heddles are at a good height while standing. Header weaving, warp wrap and hem are done. I don't as yet have a 'picture' in mind for the warp. It is like a painter looking at a blank canvas and letting the ideas arrive. I warped about 3 yards of usable 'canvas' so may do a small sampling of techniques. This is the first tapestry loom I have used with heddles and a reed/beater bar.
Patience is waiting for some tencil to arrive before I can dress her. I plan to warp her for some scarves. I will be extremely busy in the fall with costumes as I said yes to coordinating/designing/sewing for VOS' production of Gypsy, so need to get a jump on some Christmas weaving.
I still have 2 more costume dresses to sew for VOS by tomorrow. I will also be doing a bit of sewing for CCPA for their performance of 42nd Street at the end of April. Having dressed looms means I can easily pop down and weave.
Have a great day.

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  1. I sure do like reading your blog so I've chosen the Kreative Blogger Award.