Sunday, March 22, 2009

saori weaving

Today...oops yesterday, I really should go to bed, I took a Saori Weaving class. It was great fun to play and design as I go. The ladies were fun as well. I took the class to try something new and maybe to lose some of my perfectionistic nature. Even playing I wanted it to look good. It has potential and I will play with it in the future. I like patterns and textures of mutliharness weaving. I also care about selveges. All in all a fun day and I think beneficial.

The purple is off the loom but not fulled. I tried it as a shawl but it is much too heavy. It is about 2 yards long and 20 inches wide.I think I have enough for a carpet bag but may may use commercial upholstery fabric for complement.

Godd night


  1. Saori is really fun, isn't it!

    Recently I finished making a bedskirt, and afterward was thinking that would be a great use for a very long saori strip. (I love making saori stuff, but don't necessarily find many of the things sewn from it appealing.)

    Glad to hear about carpet bag progress!!! Staying tuned for whatever is next!


  2. Glad you had a good time at the saori workshop.

    Can't wait to see your carpet bag.

  3. Thanks for blogging about your creative journey! I put an award for you in my blog, so hopefully some of my blog friends will become your blog friends!

    Keep up the good work!