Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Patience's first Project photos

Here is a picture of the mauve Finnish Bird's Eye fabric. This was going to be a shawl but it is working out too heavy. The photo was taken sideways to eliminate shadows. I can see beat errors. Oh well this is the first project on this loom and 4 harness weaving in about 4 years. I am relearning a lot as I go along. How to throw the shuttle, proper tension, and most importantly where I am in the weave pattern when the phone rings.

As you can see I weave in the basement on cement. I need to make a rug for under my feet and I also need to figure out antislide for the legs. The loom slides forwards when I beat and ends up on my knees. This is a large table loom on legs. Any ideas?

I Am fairly happy with this project, once I get over my need for perfection.



  1. The fabric looks great! I like that design!!

    At least your learning curve won't be as steep as it was the first time!!

    Weave on!

  2. Congrats! You have done a great job to run a project. I guess this would be so benefited. Thanks for share.