Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

Hi and welcome. Why "Wrapped in Threads"? Well I seem to always be surrounded with threads be it sewing threads or threads from spinning, weaving or knitting. And as it sometimes goes I have so many ongoing projects I literally feel like I am wrapped in threads from head to toe. Currently I am working on a few costumes which I hope to see the end of later this week. Also I have a couple of hours of work for another performance.

As weaving has also become a focus again, I am trying to weave daily even if it is only for 10 minutes. I had stopped weaving for a few years. The floor loom I had been using went back to it's owner and I had, stupidly, given most of my other stuff away. In the in between years I have been collecting antique treadle sewing machines so space is now at a premium. My new to me loom is a large table loom by Leclerc. It is the Iris model but she is named Patience. She stands on legs and is a 4 harness loom.

Using some yarn I had purchased awhile ago I had to relearn warping a loom. I took my time and looked at some books. I am using a Finnish Bird's Eye pattern from Marguarite P Davison's book. The yarn is 2 shades of mauve and about an 2/8 (or 8/2 for all you folks south of the border) acrylic. Sett is 15 EPI. It is turning out quite well but heavier than I had first thought. It is like upholstery fabric so I think I will make it into a carpet bag for my mom.

Well sewing is calling and my loom is standing idle.


  1. Hi Chris!

    Welcome to blogging!! (And welcome back to weaving!)

    I'll be really interested in following your carpet bag progress. I started trying to figure one out last spring for a study group project - and the sewing seemed a bit beyond me. Plus I couldn't find a sewing pattern that I really liked - and I'm not a super strong sewer.

    Now that project is on the shelf because of things going on in the group - but I still have the dream of making some kind of carpet bag at some point.

    Anyway, welcome to blogging! Hope to see you here often!


  2. I too wish to welcome you to the Weave Ring, but I'd better warn you that it makes you weave like mad. I seem to be weaving twice as quicky as I was before I blogged. It's a great incentive program....